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        Air cooled shaker

        The Air-cooled electro-dynamic Vibration test system has the advantages, such as wide frequency band, fully air-cooled, small floor space, high reliability, easy to move and operate. The exciting force range is from 50kgf to 8,000kgf, the maxim payload is from 20kg to 2,000kg, and the displacement is from 20mm to 100mm.

        The shaker systems all comply with ISO-5344. Standard vibration systems consist of an electro-dynamic exciter (the “shaker”), an air-cooled switching power amplifier with field power supply and an air cooling unit.

        Optional items including slip tables, head expanders, accelerometers and vibration controller can be added upon request.

          Normal Series-1

          F500-120M SPA601

          50kgf 1.2m/s 20mm

          S011-120M SPA102

          100kgf 1.6m/s 25mm

          S021-150M SPA202

          200kgf 2m/s 38mm

          S031-150M SPA302

          300kgf 2m/s 38mm

          S061-230M SPA602

          690kgf 2m/s 51mm

          S101-235M SPA103

          1100kgf 2m/s 51mm

          S101-335M SPA103

          1100kgf 2m/s 51mm

          Normal Series-2

          S201-335 SPA203

          2400kgf 2m/s 51mm

          S201-440M SPA203

          2400kgf 2m/s 51mm

          S301-340 SPA303

          3000kgf 2m/s 51mm

          S301-440M SPA303

          3000kgf 2m/s 51mm

          S301-340 SPA403

          4000kgf 2m/s 51mm

          S301-440M SPA403

          4000kgf 2m/s 51mm

          S502-440 SPA503

          5000kgf 2m/s 51mm

          S502-440 SPA603

          6000kgf 2m/s 51mm

          S502-440M SPA603

          6000kgf 2m/s 51mm

          Long Stroke Series(76mm)

          S201LS3-340 SPA203

          2000kgf 2m/s 76mm

          S502LS3-440 SPA503

          5000kgf 2m/s 76mm

          S502LS3-440 SPA603

          6000kgf 2m/s 76mm

          S702LS3-450 SPA703

          7000kgf 1.9m/s 76mm

          S802LS3-550 SPA104

          8000kgf 2m/s 76mm

          Long Stroke Series(100mm)

          S201LS4-340 SPA203

          2000kgf 1.8m/s 100mm

          S301LS4-440M SPA303

          3000kgf 1.8m/s 100mm

          S301LS4-440M SPA403

          4000kgf 1.8m/s 100mm

          S501LS4-440 SPA503

          5000kgf 1.8m/s 100mm

          S501LS4-440 SPA603

          6000kgf 1.8m/s 100mm

          S701LS4-450 SPA703

          7000kgf 1.8m/s 100mm