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        Water cooled shaker

        The water-cooled Vibration test system is a versatile wide frequency band electrodynamics vibration test system. As the fast developing of the aerospace, armament industry and national defense, the reliability test has been moved from parts test to whole products testing. Also, automotive and construction industry has more requirements for vibration test system. Therefore, the large force water cooled electro-dynamic vibration systems are developed to meet above testing.

        This series shaker adopts double cycles water circulation to increase the cooling efficiency, low pressure but large flow cooling technology to ensure the reliability. The unique winding of drive coil and field coil provide longer working duty. The unique technology of armature guiding system provides high capacity of anti-overturning moment to be suit for high COG and large DUT.

        The exciting force range is from 6,000kgf to 35,000kgf, the maxim payload is from 1,000kg to 5,000kg.

        The shaker systems all comply with ISO-5344. Standard vibration systems consist of an electro-dynamic exciter (the “shaker”), an air-cooled switching power amplifier with field power supply and an water cooling unit.

        Optional items including slip tables, head expanders, accelerometers and vibration controller can be added upon request.

          Water Cooled System

          D061LS3-450 DPA603

          6000kgf 2m/s 76mm

          D091LS3-450 DPA104

          9000kgf 2m/s 76mm

          D121LS3-550 DPA124

          12000kgf 2m/s 76mm

          D161LS3-650 DPA184

          16000kgf 2m/s 76mm

          D201LS3-650 DPA244

          20000kgf 2m/s 76mm

          D251LS3-670 DPA274

          25000kgf 2m/s 76mm

          D301LS3-820 DPA324

          30000kdf 2m/s 76mm

          D351LS3-820 DPA384

          35000kgf 2m/s 76mm